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Common Conditions We Treat

General Chiropractic

Our doctors are certified in diversified, Thompson, Cox-Flexion-Distraction, activator, Webster, and specific soft tissue muscle treatment. In our clinic, we see patients from as early as 1 day old, to 100+ years old, and everything in between.

Work and Auto Injury

If you have a work or auto injury, no referral is needed to The Carlson Clinic. We handle all insurance claims for you, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have for your case.

Therapy and Rehab options

Our state of the art rehab department has private therapy rooms. We offer ultrasound, Class 4 laser, spinal decompression, cold laser, interferential e-stimulation, ice, heat, and KinesioTape. In addition, we offer one-on-one stretches, proprioceptive training, and resistance rehab to help stabilize your condition.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy offers expert manipulation of muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote relaxation and overall wellness.

Monday 11am-6pm 1 hour session